The Boys Are Back In Town

Tom Brady gets his mojo back this week

By Jefferson Johnson    

Forgive me if I’m preaching to the choir, but a Tom Brady bounce back is coming soon. This might be obvious, and certainly not blog worthy (it is Tom effing Brady). However, I’m seeing people lose faith, so I thought I’d give this a go.

Brady didn’t forget how to play quarterback. His problem isn’t lack of ability; it’s a lack of a supporting cast. Gronkowski and Amdendola both return to action this week, and this is a huge thing for Brady. Not only are they his most talented weapons on offense, but maybe just as important, they KNOW the offense.

Having talented players is one thing, but so much of what the Patriots do – when they are at their best – is based on winning the cerebral battle. (That’s why Ochocinco couldn’t hang in New England.) So far this season, the Pats have been forced to play with a plethora of rookies, and these rookies just aren’t yet capable of knowing where to go and what to do at all times. This has limited Brady’s ability to run hurry up, call audibles, etc.

With the return of Gronk and Amendola; Edelman can now transition from being Brady’s primary receiver, back to being the third option. Not only is this a huge talent influx for the Patriots, but the ability of Brady and the Pats offense to return to doing what they do best – no huddle – will lead to Brady’s return to the fantasy elite over the remainder of the season.

You might want to think about lobbing some lowball trade offers to the guy that owns Brady in your league.