Denny Green: You wanna crown Marc Trestman?

Shania Twain: You don't impressa me much!

By Jefferson Johnson    

Sometimes I question my own IQ. I’m crazy about Marc Trestman, yet I can’t figure out why.

With roughly the same roster, Trestman’s Bears won two fewer games than the previous year. (The Bears won 10 games under Lovie in 2012.)

And Trestman’s Bears had a point differential of -33 compared to the previous year’s +98. That is a 131 point drop from the previous year. In point differential terms: Lovie’s Bears were comparable to this year’s Patriots team.

I cannot think of a recent example of a coach being lauded for having less success than his predecessor. And I am the main culprit.

I get that the Bears had the second best offense in the league last year and that Trestman was a big part of the reason why. And I understand that 90% of everything we do is looked through a fantasy football, offense-only prism. But as we prepare for NFL 2014, should we be thinking the Bears have their next great coach? Or should fans be a little nervous in the Windy Apple?

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