Hue Jackson Tidbits

Trivia regarding the new Bengals OC

By Jefferson Johnson    

I never realized (or failed to remember) that Hue Jackson's first job as offensive coordinator was with the 2003 Washington squad coached by Steve Spurrier. His QB corps consisted of Patrick Ramsey, Rob Johnson and Tim Hasselbeck. That fiasco led to them all getting fired.

I was also surprised to learn that Hue's second job as coordinator was with the 2007 Atlanta Falcons under Bobby Petrino. And again, we all remember the fiasco involving Michael Vick going to prison, the head coach sprinting for the exit and Joey Harrington and Chris Redman swirling down the drain.

His next big break came in Oakland. We all remember him trading for Carson Palmer and getting fired, but do you recall that in the season and a half preceding that, the Raiders actually went 11-7 with Jason Campbell as their signal caller?

All of this probably means nothing, but it is kind of interesting so we thought we'd pass it along.